More About The HOP

House of Pentacles (HOP) is a Film Training Program and Production House designed to launch Black trans youth (ages 18-35) into the film industry and tell stories woven at the intersection of being Black and Trans.

Our house is built on tenets of survival, creative resistance, and family. Much like the ballroom house scene, we help each other survive, stunningly. - Joie Lou, Founder

Black Trans people in our local communities are both explicitly and implicitly discriminated against while trying to find employment. We, either have to sacrifice our gender and humanity for employment or we exist in work environments that are degrading to our humanity. Furthermore, when we do get hired, we are often restricted to work environments that limit our freedom of expression and our right to wear clothes that make us feel good within our genders. In general, Black trans people  share countless stories of anti-blackness and transphobia that we experience daily. Black trans people are not being hired into safe work environments and our survival is constantly being based on our ability to display the gross details of our trauma on GoFundMe campaigns.

HOP is creating work spaces that prioritize our freedom of expression, creativity, and center our experience as community leaders in racial and gender justice. We are reclaiming our right to choose the things that we do for work, our right to self-determine, and our right to dignity as human beings. House of Pentacles is a direct intervention into one of the main barriers to survival for Black trans people here in North Carolina. Having access to employment through the craft of film that we are constantly sharpening and developing is our first step in boldly reclaiming all of these things.

How it Works

House of Pentacles provides film instruction with an emphasis on experiential based learning. Black trans people are accepted as trainees to the House of Pentacles Film Training Program annually. Trainees are given film instruction, practice time, access to film equipment, and taken on set to create House of Pentacles short term and long term film projects. We have a simple mission: To train Black trans storytellers and filmmakers, leverage our brand to get Black trans filmmakers paid projects in their communities, and to pay Black trans trainees to work on House projects that further the stories of Black trans people globally. Our house is built on tenets of survival, creative resistance, and family. Much like the ballroom house scene we help each other survive, stunningly.

HOP Trainees After a Shoot in the Bronx

The basis of House of Pentacles is developing Black trans leadership. This can be seen in all parts of our organization from the mission to its execution. As we invest in developing technical film skills in our trainees, we are equally invested in their economic stability, autonomy, and ability to mobilize from trainee to trainer. Embedded in our mission and practice is the urgency of Black trans people’s stories to be told and recorded now. It is our greatest priority that stories about Black trans people are told with input and direction from Black trans people. House of Pentacles makes space for our stories to be crafted by us from the writing of scripts to the film editing choices to the platforms that we use to distribute our work. These processes are all informed and fully driven by Black trans people. We are building a generation of storytellers and media makers who will know their inherent worth, the value of their work, and the importance of their leadership, not just in filmmaking but as narrative builders and culture shifters.


Support Us

House of Pentacles is actively seeking funders who are invested in supporting work that is led by Black people, trans people, poor people, and those who have been historically marginalized. We measure our impact by counting the number of trainees our program empowers, the lives that they touch directly through film, the people that the stories we tell will impact, and the stories that trainees will go on to tell elsewhere, after graduating from the HOP.

Join this contagious, culture shifting, documenting, storytelling movement by investing in Southern Black Trans leadership!

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